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efficient logistics and swift delivery practices
Texim Internationalare dealers of Synthetic and Natural Rubbers. It has been serving the Rubber Industry since 1995. It grew out of General Rubber Industries who possessed a level of expertise in manufacturing Rubber products themselves, hence their foray into trading synthetic rubber. Texim specializes in dealing Kumho rubbers and speciality chemicals in particular KNB35L, SBR1502, KBR01 and KEP270 which together make up the feedstock for rubber industries manufacturing moulded goods. It also holds stocks of all grades of Natural Rubbers. Apart from this, we have Skyprene B-30, also known as Neoprene and all grades of EPDM and Silicone rubbers. It is known for its efficient logistics and swift delivery practices. Building trust over client relationships and making lasting connections is the motto at Texim.
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